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Become A SkyScraper Hippie With Us!

    What is a SkyScraper Hippie?


    This is slang for a person who works 
    in the Corporate World but wants to integrate the 
    beliefs and practices of Hippies into their lives.  

     Think Love, Nature, Karma, Yoga, Holistic... 

    "It's Freedom, Baby, Yeah!" 
    (Austin Powers, 1999)
    Our Goal At SkyScraper Hippie is to make the Hippie and Holistic lifestyle accessible to people working in corporate offices.  We want your well being to become your priority in your work life.  We want to improve your days working with as little effort as possible because we believe that big changes can be made by lots of little easy changes becoming habit.  Have more questions?  Check our FAQ page out for more information!

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    Get Tips For A Great Posture In The Office

    Make a difference

    Do you feel that to become environmentally friendly it means hard work and giving up some of your favourite things? 

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    Pinpoint your asana

    Find the Asana that will help you target and eliminate any problem areas on your body.

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    Improve you

    Want to change your lifestyle but don't know where to start?  Start with our e-book about little changes you can make to your morning routine!

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    It's not what you do it's how you do it,

    that is the power of the practice.

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