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This is slang for a person who works in the Corporate World but wants to integrate the beliefs and practices of Hippies into their lives. ❤ Think Love, Nature, Karma, Yoga, Holistic...❤

An asana is the traditional word for a Hatha yoga posture.  In Sanskrit they talk about an asana being a position you are solid in but comfortable.

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I am not a nutritionist but I am happy to give you ideas about healthier alternatives!  I believe there should be balance in everything and eating too much of anything is bad but I also believe in science and if you have any queries about food my recommendation would be to check out this page for a registered and qualified Nutritionist/Dietitian.

Otherwise if you are happy to look at my musings....

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I give bespoke classes to either individuals or corporate classes that want to incorporate different elements of a holistic life into their daily lives.  Whether that be Yoga classes, habits to de-stressing, improving your posture, meditation classes, desk exercises, developing habits and/or helping your office become more mindful with little tricks.

My services can be in-house, via email, over Zoom calls or by phone. I have limited appointment spaces each month. 

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Yes I do just get in contact and we can discuss further!
As my services are bespoke the prices range from how hands on you want my coaching to be.  Please contact me here for a quote

100% NO!  I think that Science is fundamentally the go to for answers to any ailments but I also think that Science is constantly evolving and that a holistic lifestyle working with in parallel with a Medical Practitioner can work great together.  

Read my about my aims for Skyscraper Hippie

Dublin City, Ireland.  I can also run classes in Cork and Galway.  I can do online services from anywhere in the world.


Get in contact with me and tell me your needs, your daily life schedule and what you want to get out of our time working together or better yet....

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